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Beta launch!

Welcome to the Audio Dev Academy website! In a hurry? Take a look at our first free course about creating audio plugins in the C++ programming language: Plugins 1 – Basic Theory 🙂

Yuri and I started conceptualising the Audio Dev Academy back in December 2017. It was right after my first successful Black Friday period as audio plugin developer, collaborating closely with SoundSpot and W.A. Production on their first range of products. Because I was still relatively new to software development – originally being a music producer without coding skills – this initial success was a big deal to me. It finally looked like my career as an entrepreneur was going somewhere, and I felt inspired to share my experiences and engage in interesting collaborations with other programmers and music producers. As Yuri and I share a love for education, we really connected talking about passing through the knowledge we so generously received from other educators before us. We made a plan to create an online community website for like-minded people interested in creating audio plugins, specifically for music producers without a coding background – just like myself. The idea for the Audio Dev Academy was born.

Today, Yuri and I are excited to put live the first beta version of the Audio Dev Academy course website. We have decided to put the website online in its minimal form, for the purpose of sharing with you our first course: Plugins 1 – Basic Theory. It is the first of three free courses about audio plugin development in the JUCE framework making use of the C++ programming language. We would love your input on this first course, so we can improve our course concept and incorporate your feedback in the two remaining courses about creating effect plugins and synths. You can contact us here

In the meantime, we will keep working on our course system, which will include a basic e-learning system with many free courses and quizzes, and a plugin development forum where we can exchange ideas and help each other create interesting plugins.

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