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Create Your Own VST Plugins, Part 6: Generating a sine wave

‘The most basic musical sound signal is a ‘sine’ wave: a smooth up-and-down oscillating motion over time. It sounds like a (somewhat uninspiring) continuous beep, but it is great for the purpose of learning synthesis and testing processing algorithms.’

If you are a music producer without a technical background, it can be a challenge to get into VST plugin development. To help you get started, I created a blog series on the website of our friends at denise called: Create Your Own VST Plugins. It starts at the absolute beginning, explaining what digital audio really is. The goal is to provide you with strong intuitions and visualisations to get you in the right frame of mind – without maths and code that is.

Read the latest blog in the Create Your Own VST Plugins series at the denise website: Part 6: Generating a sine wave.


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