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Limiter eBook

In preparation for our audio plugin development ebooks and courses, I have written a short kindle ebook about the coding a limiting algorithm in C++. It is called ‘Let’s build plugins – Limiter’. We are giving it away on Amazon for 5 days, starting from today, Wednesday September 4th, until Sunday September 8th.

If you are unfamiliar with kindle ebooks, you can download the free Kindle app for any device from Amazon as well. Below, you can read the book description. Find the book on Amazon here.

You want to learn how to code VST audio plugins in the C++ programming language. That’s great! So, why read this book if you are new to audio plugin development?

There are hardly any beginner books for music producers who want to learn how to code audio effect plugins in the VST, VST3, AU and AAX format. Moreover, the information that is available mainly focuses on the more obscure study of FFT and convolution implementations, and certainly not on the basic creative audio effects music producers use on a daily basis. This is a real challenge for creative music producers without an academic background who want to learn how to code audio plugins themselves.

Just for that purpose, we created the “Let’s build plugins” series, that teaches you how to implement basic audio effects like equalization, compression, limiting, saturation, chorus, flanger and reverb from scratch, in the C++ programming language. Every edition of this series follows the same step-by-step learning-method, but implements a different creative audio effect. This didactic concept allows you to quickly learn how different audio effects work under the hood. The included example code is ready-to-use in the plugin framework of your choice, for example JUCE, IPLUG or RAFX. If you are a music producer looking to get into audio plugin development, this book will give you a head start!

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