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C++ eBook

In preparation for our audio plugin development ebooks and courses, I have written a short kindle ebook about the basics of C++, which is the programming language used for creating plugins. It is called ‘Let’s talk code – C++’. We are giving it away on Amazon for 5 days, starting from today, Tuesday July 9th, until Saturday July 13th. 

If you are unfamiliar with kindle ebooks, you can download the free Kindle app for any device from Amazon as well. Below, you can read the book description. Find the book on Amazon here.

You want to learn how to code. That’s great! So, why read this book if you are new to programming? 

There are plenty of books about programming, but most of them focus on a specific programming language only, or assume previous experience as a developer. This makes it hard to find a good book to start your self-study, especially if you are a beginner and you are not yet 100% sure what your programming language of choice will be. 

Just for that purpose, we created the “Let’s talk Code” series, meant to teach you the basic coding concepts all programming languages share. Every edition of this series follows the same simple step-by-step learning-method, but uses a different programming language for demonstration purposes. This didactic concept allows you to quickly learn the basics of coding, using a wide range of different programming languages. Also, the consistent nature of the different editions allows you to quickly compare languages, or to easily change the focus of your self-study to a different language. It’s simply a great place to start when you are new to coding!

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